The FOO Show

The FOO Show was the world’s first 3D rendered talk show. Every episode, we took viewers along with us to interview fascinating guests in fantastical virtual worlds—ranging from video game environments from hit games including Firewatch and Total War: Warhammer 2 to the microscopic world of DNA nanomachines to a 3D scanned reimagining of Adam Savage’s shop. Running from 2016 to 2019, we independently produced 5 episodes of The FOO Show with the help of more than 2000 backers of our successful Kickstarter campaign.

The FOO Show served as a perfect test bed to develop our core technology, now used in the Animation Studio. Using the three points of data delivered by a headset and two hand controllers, we were able to animate believable human characters. We managed to mostly avoid the uncanny valley by focusing on a stylized, polygonal character design.

Over the three years that The FOO Show ran, we had around 1M downloads on Steam and the Oculus Store.