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FOO Animation Studio

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FOO Animation Studio uses off-the-shelf virtual reality hardware and custom machine learning software to empower creators to produce serialized, TV-ready animation at budgets and timelines comparable to live-action TV show on a sound stage. FOO can cut a year out of the typical animation production cycle, and save money at the same time. At the same time FOO empowers creators to explore new formats that don’t make sense for traditional animation—like improv, newscasts, game shows or talk shows.

With solutions for full-body capture, face capture, hand animation, and close ups; we can deliver the shots you need, whether your production is a multi-camera live (or live-to-tape) shoot, a four-camera sitcom, or a single-camera shoot.

Our business is evenly divided between full-service production partner and technology licensing. We can help you design your characters, sets, and props; or just license our animation technology stack to use with your own art. For more information, please email us or use our handy online form.